Math Olympiad 2018

All the students responded well and were recognized with certificates for their participation. 27 of our Wittmann Mathletes won National Awards for Excellence within Division E (Elementary Schools).

THREE of our Wittmann Warriors earned and will receive the Prestigious Dr. George LenchnerMEDALLION, awarded for those who received a PERFECT SCORE of 25 points.


EIGHT of our students earned and will receive a GOLD PIN, awarded for those who were in at least the 98th percentile – meaning, the TOP 2% of students across America.


SEVEN of our MOT players earned and will receive a SILVER PIN, awarded for those who were in at least the 90th to 97th percentile – meaning, the TOP 10% of students across America.

TWENTY-SEVEN of our own will be receiving the embroidered, felt,

Math Olympiads Patch which is awarded to those in the

TOP 50% of all the participants across America.


Wittmann’s Math Olympiad Team as a whole was named to the National Meritorious Achievement List, the National High Achievement List, and the National Math Olympiad Honor Roll with a Total Team Score of 224 – placing them as one of the Nations’ TOP 10% Schools overall.