Wittmann School Education Foundation (WSEF)

Wittmann School Education Foundation

Wittmann School Education Foundation (WSEF), a.k.a. Wittmann’s Organized Warriors (WOW)


Our Mission Statement

Wittmann School Education Foundation is a parent-run, volunteer, non-profit organization that will utilize fundraising opportunities to provide educational support and ensure academic success to the students of our Wittmann community.


Our Vision Statement

Once a child enters through the corridors of Wittmann Elementary School, he or she will be given the opportunity to obtain a firm educational foundation through the support of its faculty, their tools and their commitment.


We Need You

Donate - it’s an investment in your child’s education
Volunteer - your time and your talent are valuable
Serve – share your creative ideas and insight 
Represent - your child’s classroom/grade level




 Our Wittmann Warriors have been the most resilient bunch of young scholars! They have faced the challenges of the last year head-on and have thrived!  This past year, through teacher and staff input, WOW purchased subscriptions to educational websites (such as IXL, EdPuzzle and Spelling City) in an effort to expand and reinforce lessons beyond the classroom. With your on-going support, WOW has been able to adapt to the evolving education landscape by installing new technology for the classroom including touch screen TVs, Apple TVs and updated document cameras. We will continue to work closely with teachers and staff to provide needs to enhance the classroom experience.


As a community, we have been tested and have tried our best to support each other from afar. As a family, we adapted to the new normal by embracing change. As a Wittmann Family, we provided opportunities to better ourselves and show support to our hard-working teachers and staff.

Say it once, say it proud: WE ARE WITTMANN!




How can you help the Wittmann School Education Foundation/WOW support our school?


  •      Represent your child’s classroom or grade level at our monthly WOW meetings. These are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:00PM.
  •      Serve by sharing your insights and ideas with the committee at our monthly meetings or at our e-mail address: wsef.[email protected].
  •      Volunteer your time and talents at any of our important fundraising events. Visit our webpage on Wittmann’s home page for a list of upcoming opportunities.
  •      Donate at our fundraisers to invest in your child’s education and the entire Wittmann community.


Meeting Schedule

Monthly Meetings - Last Tuesday of each month

Please join us! Meetings are held at 6pm.

Everyone is Welcome!



Board Members

Margaret Lee, President
John Vega, CFO

Lan Ngo, Treasurer

Susana Munoz, Secretary
Kate Fernando, Vice President Membership

Cari Manvydas, Vice President Membership

Dome Hansaward, Vice President Fundraising

Oliver Panopio, Vice President Fundraising

Jonathan Bryant, Vice President Community Outreach

Larry McIntosh, Advisor



Miguel Marco, Principal
Anne Krueger, Teacher Representative