Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an education that challenges each child to be the best that he or she can be within a safe and nurturing environment. Our vision is to provide a world class education for every child.


Wittmann Elementary School endeavors to provide a total education for its pupils by:

  1. Helping students gain command of fundamental processes basic to their future learning.
  2. Encouraging a desire for learning.
  3. Teaching students self-discipline and responsibility.
  4. Emphasizing students’ strengths.
  5. Teaching students to respect the rights and beliefs of others.


The ubiquitous chant at Wittmann is, “We are Wittmann”. It’s a rallying cry that embodies our school’s collaborative environment that recognizes that all stakeholders are important in the education of our students. Recognized as a Gold Ribbon School & California Distinguished School, Wittmann ranks among the top 5% of elementary schools in the entire state. It’s a designation that recognizes our committed staff, our involved parents, and our dedicated students…the “We” in the “We are Wittmann”.           


Wittmann’s veteran teaching staff is committed to challenging students at the utmost levels of critical thinking.  We’re proud to offer a rigorous, standards-based curriculum as the foundation of an instructional program that is both meaningful and engaging. Of course, our powerful learning environment produces prevailing results as measured by the annual state-mandated test scores. 


While student achievement is our highest priority, at Wittmann, we believe that we are educating the “whole child.” A firm, fair, and consistent behavioral program sets a respectful tone that permeates throughout the entire campus. 


Beyond our rigorous core curricula, career readiness and visual and performing arts education is supported through Wittmann’s Beginning and Advanced Bands, as well as other career pathways and enrichment opportunities.  Our enrichment activities are always evolving, but our goal is to always to adapt to the needs of our students and community.  


Truly, Wittmann Elementary embodies a team environment that invites participation from all of our school’s stakeholders because we understand the strength and synergy that comes from unifying many people under a single vision of student success. We encourage all families to participate in our programs and in our classrooms; because, together…“We are Wittmann!”